Tutoring our 6th graders to college level students is one of our specialty services here in Spanish in Atlanta! We also cater to the home schooled community, providing high quality, conversational and personalized courses that prepare students for real life use of SpanishThrough the years we have rescued many students from confusion, frustration, and failure! We know how most schools and colleges operate and we can many times predict what it is that our new students need help with just by knowing what level they are in school!
Our instructor takes careful notes on each student's case so that a successful action plan can be created! Since each student's needs can differ, our strategic approach will be different and personalized to each student's goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Our main goal is to ensure that each student be prepared, confident and empowered to tackle all tests! An important note we like to make to all our tutoring students and parents is that, getting excellent grades in school doesn't automatically make a student conversationally fluent in any foreign language. We are one of the best Spanish tutoring studios in the East Coast because we customize everything for our students! Our tutoring sessions honor each and every student's uniqueness, learning style & goals!

We are a serious language studio that works with students that are serious and interested in becoming bi-lingual and conversationally fluent; however, our specialized tutoring, will focus on whatever the student needs help with and on whatever the student needs to achieve therefore if a student has an urgent need to just get good grades and/or catch up with their class, our custom tutoring will focus on what is top priority material for each student.

We are passionate, creative and deliver lesson material in a way that any person can grasp! We specialize in presenting all lesson material in a way that speaks to each student personally thus making it impossible not to learn and master! The only requirement we have is that each student follow our action plan steps, that you communicate with your school teacher and find out when tests and quizes are planned and that reasonable effort be made-we take care of everything else!

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