Level III courses represent pillar three in the functional speaker equation of M.A.C. A crucial step to becoming a functional Spanish speaker. Past tense Spanish or preterit tense will be taught in this level. Lessons will be fun, practical and easy to comprehend! Each session will have conversational practice exercises, auditory comprehension exercises designed to help you develop "speed hearing".

In level III, the student not only learns past tense but also starts mastering the fascinating skill of communication by using prior level material-(level I & II) to create a symphony of knowledge! The student starts to appreciate how levels I & II complement level III and how all the knowledge that has been learned in previous levels work together to give life to the beautiful art of speaking Spanish!

Lesson Objectives Click Here

Don't know if this level is right for you? Great! We do simple FREE assessments to help you decide which course is best for you so that you don't get stuck signing up for the wrong course!

The class holds a maximum of 6 students per class in order to ensure quality, personalized attention, and conversational practice! Original hand outs and worksheets are provided for students- there is a $15 fee that will be collected the first day of class; this helps cover the costs of the creation of worksheets.

Debit and credit are accepted forms of payment; you don't have to have a Pay pal account to purchase your level III course! There are NO REFUNDS and NO CREDITS given once you sign up for the course. Please read our policy page for more information Policy page Click here!

Class Starts Class Ends Meets on Time Total
March 31st May 12th Sundays 4:15pm-5:45pm $199

Debit or Credit Welcome