Spanish Level II Courses in East Cobb

Our level II Spanish course is the perfect continuation of the beginner Spanish courses ( Level I) offered here in Spanish in Atlanta! This Spanish course is rich with very powerful concepts.

Conversational drills and exercises will be used to help students practice level I Spanish material, present tense, Spanish verb conjugations, question form etc... click on Lesson Objectives below to get greater details.

What students gain out of Level II Spanish with Spanish in Atlanta:

  • Spanish speaking exercises that help develop conversational speed of level I Spanish material. Increasing confidence and comfort when engaging in simple Spanish conversations

  • Using our 2 simple sentence structure formulas to help students create their own Spanish sentences easily!

  • The importance of Spanish present tense and how it can be cleverly used to create "future tense"

  • Develop reading and auditory comprehension. Learn to "speed hear" through carefully designed stories and exercises created by Spanish in Atlanta

  • A great understanding of how Spanish pronouns, nouns, and verbs work together to create simple sentences and how this becomes the foundation of conversation, reading and auditory comprehension!

  • NEW! The great benefit of participating in Spanish in Atlanta's social group on Meetup. Joining us for real time Spanish practice in a fun supportive environment! Meet other great delightful SIA students and have fun using the espaņol being learned in class!

Debit or credit cards are accepted- Paypal is NOT required for signing up. Our worksheets are only $15. Please make sure your level I material is in good shape before signing up for level II. Take our FREE placement test!

Class Starts Class Ends Meets on Time Total
Oct. 1st Nov. 5th Sundays 4:15pm-5:45pm $185.50
Oct. 17th Nov. 21st Tuesdays 7:30pm-9:00pm $185.50
Nov. 12th Dec. 17th Sundays 12:00pm-1:30pm $185.50


Please read our policy page for more information before signing up.