Lesson Objectives Level I Spanish

Week One:
Spanish phonetic structure
Rules of pronunciation and practice
Basic greetings and in class practice!
Basic Lección uno vocabulario- 10 words

Week Two:
Spanish numbers 0-10
Basic questions- address and Tel #
Class practice with week one material
And new week two material
Basic lección dos vocabulario 12 new words

Week Three:

Spanish pronouns & family vocabulary
In class practice of new material, pronunciation
Class practice of week 1-3 material
Conversational practice
Auditory comp. Ear training exercises Spanish numbers

Week Four:

Ser- Irregular Spanish verb
Sentence construction
Conversational practice of week 1-4 material
Ear training in Spanish
Gender number sensitivity

Week Five:

Restaurant Ordering & Vocabulary
In class practice- introduce your family members- picture share!
Conversational practice with week 2-4
Ear training exercises- Family tree exercise

Week Six:

El verbo Tener en espanol
Spanish pronouns/ Tener conjugations
Spanish numbers 11-50
In class practice- family introductions, numbers, greetings everything!
Restaurant ordering practice- in class
Spanish socials are usually planned for a Spanish practice outing in Marietta!

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