Structured Private Spanish Lessons
for Professionals in Atlanta

Spanish in Atlanta offers unmatched private lessons for all professionals and adults who need to use Spanish in the workplace and who need to develop the ability to converse in Spanish with confidence! We train professionals to be functional in their workplace & by helping them target learn Spanish.

Our 6 point fact finding & assessment technique helps us quickly identify:

  • Our Student's primary goal & main motivation for wanting to learn Spanish.

  • Our student's learning style in order to design and deliver the most effective lessons for each student.

  • What our student wants to achieve with his/her lessons.

  • What our student's job, field is all about & identify where Spanish is in most urgently needed!

  • What level of Spanish our student currently has by doing a free placement assessment

  • A highly personalized action plan with carefully thought out priority lessons-based on the assessment results

Unique Advantages to working with Spanish in Atlanta

    We hand craft all of our assignments and worksheets to fit perfectly with all standard lessons! Something no one else offers here in the USA!
    Worksheets are only $15!

  • We have a small library of original video content-videos created by us. Spanish exercises, lessons and insightful tips that will help all of our beginner students. free Spanish videos-a rare advantage!

  • We have a Facebook conversational & a Spanish meet up group you can join to network and practice in real time what you are learning!

  • Our main instructor has over 25 yrs of experience teaching languages. She is quad-lingual ( currently working on Chinese Mandarin)

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