The semi-private lessons are perfect for those students that want to share their lessons with their spouse, family member, friend or co-worker! This option is very popular with students that need personalized Spanish lessons, flexible scheduling and one on one attention! Semi-private lessons are just as specialized, flexible and targeted as private lessons, the difference is that you pay less! Lesson plans are strategically created based on each student's goals with the Spanish language!

A free assessment is done by our instructor and a personalized action plan is presented to the students! Spanish in Atlanta believes that each student deserves to receive lesson plans that honor his/her goals! We carefully design a curriculum for each student which in return leads to faster effective learning!

All lessons focus on the three most important pillars of any language M.A.C. M.= Mental comprehension of material A.=Auditory comprehension ( ear training) and C.= Conversation! Our main instructor is quad-lingual which is one of the reasons our lessons are uniquely insightful! We offer you fascinating language tips and short cuts that many other places can't offer due to our knowledge of multiple languages!

Specialized worksheets that help all students master the material presented in class are all original worksheets created by our main instructor! There is a minimal $15 fee per student collected on the first day of class. This fee reoccurs every 8 lessons-this fee helps cover the cost of the numerous worksheets, paper copies etc...that will be provided to each student.

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Semi-Private Lesson Options

Semi-Private Discounted Lesson Packages