I have a strong southern/ northern accent, will that affect my Spanish pronunciation?
No, it won't because the only true foreign sound that exists in Spanish and not in English is the "double rrs".
Everything else is a recycled version of English- phonetically speaking of course! :-)

I have never studied Spanish or any other language before; is this a disadvantage?
No, it is not a disadvantage, sometimes it is even an advantage because there will be
no bad habits to undo! We can start from the beginning & build a strong foundation!

Should I do an immersion program?
Immersion programs can be great but not the only option. You can create your own immersion program
here in your city. You just have to pack your week with Spanish events ( there are many options in Atlanta)
- it is easier than you think. Plus immersion programs only work if they are structured well. If you decide to
go to one, make sure you research and get the best deal and best quality program for your money!

What can I do to practice Spanish, if I don't have any friends to practice with?
One of the benefits of working with Spanish in Atlanta is that you will have the option of participating in monthly
Marietta Spanish & Multi-Lingual Group meet ups. We try to make them once a month or every two months
depending on how many people sign up and our work schedule. These events are free for active Spanish in Atlanta students or just $10 dollars for non students

In addition, you can put your computer settings to Spanish, your cell phone to Spanish and put sticky notes
around your house and office so that you have a dose of Spanish in your life daily!

Do I need to purchase books, dvds or cds?
Spanish in Atlanta creates it's own original material ( hand outs and worksheets) for just $15 for the copies.
We do recommend that you purchase a good Spanish/English dictionary & a conjugations book
(for levels 2-8). These purchases are optional & not a requirement for taking lessons with Spanish
in Atlanta. Other recommendations will be made in class! As a signature service unique to Spanish in Atlanta, we can custom create exercise worksheets specially for you, tailored to your learning style and also that target the areas you are weakest in. This is an optional service that is reasonably priced considering it is not offered anywhere else in this country! ( dare we say the world? :))

Do I have to practice during the week in addition to coming to class once a week?
YES! At least twice a week for 25-35 minutes. Practicing what you learn in class will
help you to solidify what you learn in class. It will give your brain the opportunity to
digest the knowledge it has been given.

Generally speaking, how long does it take a person to learn Spanish?
It depends! but if you have average ability, do average work, come to class once a week & practice
twice a week, you can learn Spanish in 8 months to a year! Some people who have above average
ability or that practice more or that can come to class more times a week can learn in 6 months!

What is the difference between the 6 week courses and private lessons?
The 6 week courses are on a fixed schedule and a fixed lesson plan and are the best deal
you can get for your money!
Private lessons are also a great deal! Private lessons are controlled by you, the student.
You decide what day and time your lessons will be and what frequency ( once a week, twice a week etc..)
You will also learn Spanish quicker due to the one on one specialized lesson plans that will be created for you.

What is the difference between private lessons, semi-private lessons and the 6 week courses?
The main differences between them all is, cost, learning speed, & scheduling.

Private lessons can be scheduled 4 days a week- you control the schedule. 90 minute private lessons are only $89
You will learn Spanish at a faster pace-compared to semi-private & the 6 week courses- and you will
get personalized instruction- custom made lesson plans that revolve around you .

Semi-private lessons are almost the same as private lessons. You get all the benefits of private lessons, the only
difference is that you will be sharing your class with whomever you bring with you & you will pay less.
Learning speed will be almost the same as with private lessons.

The 6 Week courses are offered at an impressive rate. Scheduling is fixed and even though this is a course,
the classes are very small 4-8 people per class so you will have a great quality class. You will learn Spanish
at a good steady pace.

How will I be able to decide what Spanish level I should register for?
If you read the lesson objectives for each 6 week class, you should be able to decide what level you are in.
If you still need help deciding what level you should register for, we can do an over the phone assessment
of your current Spanish skills and help you out!