Lesson Objectives Level II Spanish Course

Week One:

Spanish present tense Regular verbs
Conjugation of regular verbs & core verbs!
Sentence structure 1, question form 1 & negatives

Week Two:
Days of the week
Conversational practice sentence structure
In class practice creating negatives, questions & simple sentences
Clever tricks to creating the "present-future"
Tener practice worksheets in class

Week Three:

The Querer verb!!- one of the most important verbs!
Clever uses of this verb & why it greatly enhances convo.
Sentence structure 2 with querer
In class practice using days of week & present tense
Conversational practice using everything learned so far

Week Four:

Question form II
Practice in class using question form II
Spanish reading comprehension level II

Week Five:

Spanish connector words
Powerful lesson that connects all lessons together
Using connector words to create more elaborate sentences
Q & A reading comprehension and discussion in class

Week Six:

Spanish emotions
Gender number sensitivity & the Estar verb
Q & A reading comprehension & discussion
Practice putting all lessons together for conversational development!

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