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Level V Spanish Course Advanced Spanish Class

Level V Spanish is all about conversational drills, auditory comprehension and development of speed and conversational comfort. This level of Spanish training has as a prerequisite levels I-IV. You must pass the
conversational Spanish test over the phone to be able to join this small group!

Before signing up, contact us and take the over the phone test! It is important to be reasonably comfortable with prior levels in order to succeed in this Spanish V course.

FREE assessments offered CALL US Tel: (678) 517-9715!

Level V Spanish will mainly focus on:

  • Helping students use most of what they have learned in past levels to create more complex, elaborate and creative dialogue!

  • Basic Spanish vocabulary building and usage in conversation through conversational drills, stories, video clips and auditory comp. exercises!

  • Spanish future tense- both compound and simple future tense! Usage, pronunciation tricks and conjugation practice through healthy repetition in homework assignments, conversational drills and auditory comp!

  • Multi tense usage-speed exercises requiring a students ability to use multiple tenses- Spanish present tense, past tense and future - to create logical full sentences!

  • For past SIA students that wish to take this course:

  • Please review all previous material learned!
  • Practice Speaking the material
  • Study old homework assignments to prepare for the spoken test!

  • We want to make sure all students have a wonderful experience in all levels therefore we are glad to talk to you and help you pick the best course of action- contact us!

    Class Starts Class Ends Meets on Time Total
    Jan 21st Feb. 25th Mondays 7:30pm-9:00pm $199.00

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