Lesson Objectives Level III Spanish

Week One:

Emotions & the Estar verb
Simple differences between Ser & Estar
Class practice creating level II sentences with emotions and estar!
Gender & number sensitivities with lesson 1 material

Week Two:
Spanish reading comprehension Q & A
In class practice with emotions & sentence stringing!
Question form 1 & 2 practice with emotions!
Level II material practice- speed & agility development

Week Three:

Irregular verb Poder
Clever uses of this verb & why it greatly enhances convo.
Review on what makes a verb a core verb & a power verb!
Emotions practice drills!
Conversational practice using everything learned so far

Week Four:

Irregular verb Ir!
Practice using Querer & Poder!
Easy insightful tips that teach you how to easily make plans & appointments

Week Five:

Auditory comprehension training
Unique tips & tricks to help you "speed hear" Spanish!
Story Q & A in class practice
Auditory comprehension exercises & drills
Basic lugares vocabulary & memorization worksheets
Spanish story analysis Q & A #2

Week Six:
Future tense clever tips & tricks
All level II & III practice!
Clever usage of present tense as a "present future"
Video clips & audio exercises- Spanish conversation!

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