Spanish in Atlanta´s level IV course in Cobb County Marietta is an excellent advanced Spanish course for all students that have taken and satisfactorily completed Spanish in Atlanta´s level I-III courses or students that pass an over the phone test. We do our best to make sure that every student that signs up joins the best group for their current level.

Our small groups are the best in the East Coast because everyone in class actively participates. No one is just sitting there! It is so important to practice the material you learn just like it´s important for a body builder to lift weights! Our in class drills and stories are the ¨weights¨ that help build the muscle of Spanish conversation!

Level IV Spanish focuses on practice and more practice! Conversational drills that stimulate the usage of all material learned in levels I-III, multiple tense stories, exercises and auditory comprehension. You will work with different classmates each time you come to class. SIA's main goal for this level is for all students to develop a lot more speed and comfort when speaking Spanish!

We provide strategic exercises and conversational drills that will help you recycle and use everything you have learned thus far. Filtering out bad habits and strengthening all insightful tips and tricks learned in class while having fun! All Spanish classes are very small; each class had a 6 students max. per class to ensure everyone gets to participate, practice, and personalized attention!

We offer FREE over the phone assessments to make sure that all students sign up for the right course, don´t hesitate! Give Spanish in Atlanta a call so that you know which course is the best one for your current level.

Class Starts Class Ends Meets on Time Total
July 9th Aug. 13th Sundays 2:30pm-4:00pm $185.50

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