Why Spanish in Atlanta is One of the Best

We have devised language training comparable to no other place! Our technique makes it easy for students with different learning styles and language ability to be successful. We have over 25 years of experience training, students, professionals and adults with any level, ability, and educational goals, in becoming fully functional in the foreign language of their choice! Aside from offering strategic language training, our training is affordable!. We are located in East Cobb Marietta. Click our Contact Us tab or Call us Tel: 678-517-9715

Unique & unparalleled Spanish instruction in Georgia

We are not on T.V. or billboards because we are fairly new to Metro Atlanta but our work speaks for itself! Our unique curriculum and teaching method is currently unmatched. Four of the many characteristics that Spanish in Atlanta has that sets us apart from everyone else is:

  • Our great ability to quickly analyze what our student's learning style is and then mold our material to fit that learning style.

  • Second, we have created our own original Spanish Level I workbook, worksheets and even videos which greatly enhance our student's ability to master all material learned in class making it effective permanent learning! You learn 50% faster with our techniques!

  • Third, our courses are designed in such a way that the neural pathways needed for conversation are developed in our face to face conversational practice drills! Our students are able to speak at a speed and comfort that is highly superior compared to many H.S. and college students that have studied Spanish for 2 years or more!

  • Fourth, we teach all our students the full art of communication! Words are just 7% of what we humans use to communicate therefore we train our students to use all communications tools to be highly effective Spanish speakers!